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building common understanding

As organizers for racial equity, it is essential that we have a common understanding, including shared language and analysis, accounting for how race and racism operate in our society historically and presently.

Before joining GARA as a member, we strongly urge you to attend the Racial Equity Institute (REI) two-day workshop, called Phase 1, in order to build and refine your understanding. REI also offers a 3-hour session on racial inequity called the Groundwater Presentation that provides an extremely valuable overview.

people of color caucus

The People of Color Caucus meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 6 PM. We are currently researching the history of Greensboro and Guilford County in an effort to understand our roots, how far we have come, and where we see the effects of this history today. We hope to see you at our meetings. Please feel free to bring your dinner or refreshments. Click below for more on how to attend.

white caucus

The White Caucus meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6 PM. At the meeting we learn about the true nature of racism by discussing specific topics related to systemic racism in our society. NOTE: We are meeting on Zoom until it is again safe to meet in person.

joint caucus

Members of GARA's People of Color Caucus and White Caucus come together once a month to collaborate and discuss ways we can work together to address racial and ethnic inequities in our institutions, organizations, and community. Topics of discussion vary based on the pertinent local political, business, educational, and social concerns.


GARA was founded in 2010 by a group of community members. Learn more about our history here.

GARA is free and open to the community to join. In the interest of building a strong shared understanding, we strongly urge all members to attend at least one Phase 1 workshop with the Racial Equity Institute before joining as a member. 

GARA is an independent community-based group whose members are located in and/or connected to Guilford County, North Carolina. 

Great question! It’s simple: We practice what we preach! Racial equity requires bringing people together with a common analysis of race and racism and a shared commitment to dismantling structures that reproduce inequities. We are working to build a community where all are welcome and have what they need to be successful, where all can thrive.